You were created by our loving heavenly Father, and He knew you even before you were in your mother’s womb. Your true, original identity is how He created you and defined you. However, many things in life try to keep people from living from their authentic identity. Culture, family issues, trauma, peer pressure, loss and other things try to tell us who we are or who we should be. 

To live an abundant life, we want to know and live from the way we were created, from our core identity. The only one who has the right to define you is yourself, and God. We can rewrite our narrative after trauma, loss, hurt, etc. Our heavenly Father has an amazing purpose for your life, and He wants you to know that you are His beloved child. 

Defined by God Ministries was created to be a catalyst to bring healing and wholeness to believers. We focus and teach on: 

  • Heart Healing (including healing from trauma)
  • The Love of God, Our Heavenly Father
  • Identity

We are here to support you on your healing journey. In everything we do, we seek to be authentic in the way we deliver our message and how we minister to each individual.  

Our curriculum, the Loved by God Series, was developed to lay a solid Biblical foundation of our core teachings, as well as offering practical guidance and coaching to help you walk in wholeness and freedom. To learn more about each course, click on the course logos below. Or visit our course page HERE.

Click below for more information on our organizational Core Values and Statement of Faith.

Who is God?

God has often been misrepresented over the years. We can help you discover for yourself the true nature and character of God.

Who am I?

Our identities are so important, but people often struggle to know who they were created to be. We are here to help you live from your authentic self.


We are here to teach, coach and support you in your journey of living a wholehearted, transformed, free life as a child of God.

Our Ministry

A History of
Anna Harris Ministries

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What People Are Saying
About Our Ministry

My name i s Isabel Allum, I've known Anna Harris for more than 15 years, and I believe that she is an anointed and capable minister who i s passionate about sharing the l ove of the Father. I highly recommend her as a teacher, speaker and for personal ministry. She encourages people to walk i n the fullness of their i dentity i n Christ, and to operate i n their God-given gifts.

Isabel Allum

Prophetic/ Itinerant Minister

Sandra and I have known Anna for almost 20 years. We’ve known her as the leader of a church, a soaking centre, and a ministry school. Anna loves to teach and minister, especially on topics such as Father God’s unconditional love. She loves to see people set free and move into their destiny. She loves to empower people to change. We are honored to recommend Anna to you!

Steve Long

Senior Leader,
Catch the Fire Toronto

Ability can be taught, character has to be exemplified. With Anna Harris you have both. You have one smart leader who is easily taught and is very teachable, and on the other hand you have a person who lives life in front of others with the utmost integrity. She is loyal and always interested in the people around her. I would gladly recommend her to anyone.

Trisha Frost

Co-Founder of
Shiloh Place Ministries

I have had the privilege of knowing Anna for over 10 years as a minister and friend. One who is kind, thoughtful and articulate. She is focused, tenacious, resilient and passionate about helping others to become their best in God. I have personally been blessed by her godly wisdom and Father Heart teachings. Anna has a big heart for people, is a great communicator and excellent teacher of the word of God. I highly recommend Anna and her heart healing ministry.
Doris Lang

Doris Bell Lang

Minister/Author/ Certified life coach

Pastor Anna's profound wisdom, skills and non-judgemental approach, truly creates an environment for hearts to heal. She helps individuals to come into true wholeness. Pastor Anna is also a great teacher of the Word of God with a strong prophetic gift. Her unique, revelatory, yet simple approach of connecting with others makes her so impactful. If you're looking for practical truth that will cause radical change in your life, look no further. Your life will never be the same.

Yves Abraham, PhD

Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist

I have known Anna Harris for several years. She is a passionate lover of Jesus, and has received a deep personal revelation of the Father's love, which has grown in her so much over the years. She so capably teaches on this revelation and many other topics. She teaches as one who speaks with passion, from personal, heartfelt knowledge and experience. She has been anointed by God to share and impart to others what she has learned. I am pleased to highly recommend her.
ian ross

Ian Ross

executive director of father heart ministries