Coaching/Heart Healing

What is Coaching/Heart Healing?

I use a unique combination of trauma-informed coaching and heart healing to address:

  • your current situation
  • goals
  • mindsets
  • practical processes
  • spiritual mentoring
  • heart healing to facilitate connection with God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) which can bring so much freedom, joy and a hopeful outlook.

This customized coaching is designed to address your unique needs and situation. We rely on the Holy Spirit, to guide the healing sessions, along with our trauma-informed techniques. 

Coaching/Heart Healing can focus on things such as:

  • recovery from spiritual abuse
  • recovery from domestic abuse
  • healing from childhood wounds
  • processing grief and loss
  • starting over and rebuilding after divorce or other transitions

Coaching/Heart Healing sessions are designed to help you achieve optimal emotional and spiritual wellbeing and living.

Sessions may include:

  • psycho-education
  • learning grounding techniques
  • learning breathing exercises
  • learning somatic techniques
  • heart healing 
  • identifying root issues
  • identifying unhealthy stories 
  • rewriting your narrative

Email me to book a complimentary consultation to discuass a coaching package and see if coaching/heart healing is a good fit for you. 

Sessions are conducted over Zoom and are customized for each individual.    

*Please note: These sessions are meant for spiritual growth, education and enrichment and are not intended to replace the advice of a medical or mental health professional. 

For more information, please email us at: anna @



Toni C. Houston, Texas

“I am eternally grateful for Anna Harris’ Heart Healing Ministry. There was emotional pain and trauma that I couldn’t work through in my personal prayer time alone. I received so much freedom from pain and bondage! Weight was lifted off my heart and was replaced with joy! My life was incredibly and positively impacted!”


Shari D. Austin, Texas

“I would like to praise Jesus for the ministry I have witnessed and received over the last 20 years through Anna Harris. Most significantly, my heart healing that came after the death of my husband. The Lord has healed me of a broken heart and has given me vision and hope for a bright future. Thank you Anna!”


Amy B. Logan, UT

“Today, several years later, I continue to walk in the breakthrough, freedom and victory I received during my ministry time with Anna. The Holy Spirit used Anna to reveal truth in places of lies by providing a safe environment to get to the root of those lies. Anna’s genuine love and care for a persons well-being was so evident in every word spoken in truth and love during that time.”


Anonymous. NC

“Anna has such wisdom to help me in the road to recovery from abuse and trauma. That wisdom is coupled with kindness and genuine care. She has brought insight to me that even my professional therapist could not because of Anna’s understanding of trauma. I would recommend Anna knowing she would be so insightful and gentle to all who have her involved.”

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Dani, Florida

“Last your I received ministry from Anna Harris. I was stuck in fear and pain because of some traumatic events. It kept me from moving forward because I filtered so much of my life through these events and it heavily triggered me in so many ways. That week was so freeing for me and Jesus brought healing to those memories. Anna helped me overcome those fears because her approach was loving and gentle. It’s just what I needed in that time.”

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