Coming Fall 2023!

The Loved By God, Restored By God course centers around healing from and moving on from trauma in our lives, and learning to build resiliency.

Based on a unique combination of trauma-informed practices based on brain science research, and heart healing which facilitates connection to God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), this course will help you heal and recover from past painful events, relationships or situations. We guide you through connecting with God, and allowing him to lead your healing.

You will learn how to regulate your body and emotions and live in a more relaxed state. You will learn how trauma impacts our body as well as our emotions and thinking.

Cultural forces like patriarchy and religion keep us stuck in patterns of fear and shame. But the Father wants us to be free to be all that He created us to be, free to be ourselves. God’s love can empower us to live from God’s original design for our liberation and well-being.

In this course, instructor Anna Harris teaches you practices which help you return to the person God made you to be—a son or daughter who feels loved and accepted, and thriving in all aspects of life.