Reimagining Your Faith
"God has a Gilgal for you!" - Stephan Kruger

Gilgal was a place of "rolling off". God doesn't want you to bring all the old things that weigh you down into the new season. God wants to bring you into your promise land and NOW is the time to throw off the old and step into the new. God in his infinite love for you is continually inviting you to discover more and more about his true nature and your true position as a Son/Daughter of God.

How to Express God Through Your Creativity

Every single person on the planet is creative because God is creative, and he made us in His image. We have the ability to bring heaven to earth by creating things that have not been seen or invented yet. Through dreams and visions the Holy Spirit is able to bring creative solutions to problems we may be facing. Not only is creativity a form of communication, it's a way to promote mental, emotional and physical well-being. Lise shares various ways that we can tap into our creative ability and use it to bring rest and rejuvenation into our lives.
Experiencing the Father's Embrace Through Loss and Grief
"You can't embrace your destiny when the pain of loss is dictating your future".

There are all kinds of losses and no "one" way to heal. There is no "five steps to recovery" because everyone's process is different. Trisha explores "life after loss" and how to support those who may be going through a season of grief.

For more information on Trisha and Shiloh Place Ministries, visit her website:
Recovery From Trauma
This episode dives into the world of mental health, recovering from trauma, PTSD, complex PTSD, redeeming spaces, triggers, grounding techniques, and why we can't just "move on". It is important to know that processing trauma is in fact a process, and there are many techniques to help with the healing journey. For more information on Dr. Yves Abraham, visit her website at:

You Deserve The Love Of God

Religion says that we have to work our way upwards towards God, where Christianity is God making His way down to us. He did this by sending Jesus to be the catalyst between man and God. When we fully know and understand this, we can enter into rest and live from a place of authentic relationship with God. This is what it means to live from our true identity.

Taking A Break
From Church

Is it ok to question what you believe? Do you feel guilty for not wanting to go to church anymore? Jonathan Puddle explores the questions that so many of us have but are unsure how to address. In our latest podcast, we explore the topic of 'deconstructing' or 'examining' our faith, taking a break from organised religion and finding the truth behind what it is we believe.
Healing Trauma
Did you know that when you experience trauma, it's stored in your physical body? All the stress and pain from a traumatic event could still be living in your body, affecting your day-to-day functionality. How do we release trauma?

Prophetic Words

Have you received a prophetic word but it doesn't seem to come to pass? What is the difference between psychics and prophetic people? Do you operate in the prophetic and want to learn how to sharpen your gift? Lost trust in the prophetic voices?

Dream Interpretation

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real, so vivid, and wonder what it means? Need help remembering your dreams? Anna and Cherie dive into the wonderful world of dreams and interpret some of our viewers dreams LIVE along with a Q&A!