The Loved By God, Defined By God course focuses on your identity as God’s beloved son or daughter.

We are defined by who we are as God’s children, as someone that He created. We are wonderfully created and greatly loved. When we know that God is our Father, we can live as His children.

Some of us have been defined by what society, our culture, our families, and our faith communities say about us. Others of us have been defined by traumatic events or situations in our lives, or by toxic relationships, when one person tries to tell another person who they are or what they should think. 

But God is speaking our true identities into existence. As sons and daughters, we are created in His image. Because God is amazing, creative, and beautiful, we are also amazing, creative, and beautiful!

In the Loved By God, Defined By God course, instructor Anna Harris will explain the effects of not receiving the blessing and affection of our parents. We will discuss what to do if you feel like your parents denied you their love and support. You will also learn powerful affirmations that affirm your identity in Christ and allow you to recognize the image of God within you.