Podcast – The TRAVESTY of the Christian TRY HARDER Treadmill – with Mark Head

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Upcoming Retreat with Anna and Mark coming Late September 2023!  

(Listen to the end of the Podcast for a seek peak about the upcoming retreat)


What do you do when “trying harder” doesn’t work? 

When Christianity becomes about your effort and what you’re “doing” for God, instead of what He’s already done, it robs you from experiencing the fullness of what true relationship with God can be like. Mark talks about how when we become “failure” focused, it prevents us from actually enjoying our relationship with God and having peace in our lives. 

Unfortunately, there are many preachers and churches teaching that our fundamental identify is one of “sin”, when in fact, we are Sons and Daughters first, made in God’s image. When we change our perspective and take the focus off sin, and onto our TRUE identity as His beloved child, our lives change radically. God is unmoved by your shame, he loves you where you’re at. Let Him sit with you in your “stuff” and love you through it. It’s not about performing, it’s about simply “being” His. Jesus longs to come close to you.  

SAVE THE DATE: Join us September 28 – October 1 for a retreat: An invitation to walk with the heart of the Father. The retreat will be located in beautiful central Texas. For more details, click the button below to go to the event page!