Episode #33 -“Untwisting Scriptures” author Rebecca Davis talks about Book 5 & Book Crafters Academy

“Untwisting Scriptures” author Rebecca Davis talks about her latest book: Untwisting Scriptures to Find Freedom and Joy in Jesus Christ: Book 5 Brokenness & Suffering, as well as her author coaching training called Book Crafters Academy. 

Once again Anna and Rebecca dive into some common teachings in the church and ask the question, does this align with scripture? “Brokenness” as a lifestyle is often taught as a “holy” way of living, as if we are to constantly live as a broken vessel in order for God to use us. Rebecca explains that the bible never talks about God “breaking” His faithful people. God is our savior and rescuer, not an abuser who breaks His people down. The Bible explains that He heals the broken hearted and sets the captives free. So why are we being taught the opposite? This teaching can be misleading and can misrepresent God as an abuser. It sounds “holy” to ask God to break you, but this is not what God has for us according to the scriptures. He wants us to be healed and whole. 

Anna and Rebecca discuss the term “victim mentality” and how sometimes the term is used to label and dismiss people who are suffering. Labelling someone and saying they have a victim mentality can be a way of bypass someone’s feelings and gaslighting their reality. Although it’s true that some people can get stuck in this mentality and use it as an excuse not to heal and move forward, this label can be misused and stop people from getting the help they need and sharing their story. 

And, they talk about Jesus and boundaries. Some people teach that Jesus never had boundaries and that we are to let our guards down and let everyone in. That’s not true either. Jesus constantly took time away to be alone with His Father. He often would leave his friends and family, their needs and demands, and go spend time getting refreshed in the presence of God. He also was very mindful of which questions to answer, how to answer and knew when to engage with people and address certain situations. We can learn a lot from His example. 

Lastly, they discuss Book Crafters Academy, Rebecca’s author coaching training. 

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