Episode #32 – Psychologically kidnapped? Coercive control and domestic abuse with Dr. Debra Wingfield

October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month! 

This is a very INFORMATIVE podcast on domestic violence and coercive control. PDF slideshow available (button below). 

What is the difference between domestic violence and coercive control? For years, people have thought of domestic abuse as only physical violence, but research shows that domestic abuse is not an “incident” that happens, but rather can be a pattern of behavior of coercive control. 

Many times domestic abuse and coercive control can fly under the radar and look “normal” when in reality, it isn’t. Physical violence is an obvious way to recognize abuse. However, there are many other non-physical forms of abuse that we dive into in this podcast, including: coercive control, intimidation, oppressive language, emotional and financial abuse, isolation, gaslighting, name calling, etc. Children can also be used as a tool to manipulate and abuse a spouse. 

“Stay and Pray” is a common yet very damaging message that is preached to women in the church. Often times women stay in abusive relationships longer because of religious beliefs! 

Debra Wingfield, Ed.D. is an Author, Speaker, and Trainer with 46 years of combined experience working with abuse across the lifespan. She counseled children and adults who experienced family violence, abuse, and child maltreatment for over 25 years. She educates and trains professionals across multiple disciplines-mental health, advocates, attorneys, and court professionals on the impacts of coercive control, domestic abuse and family violence. A former faculty member in psychology and counseling at Regis University and the University of Southern Colorado. The author of healing from abuse books for adults and children include Eyes Wide Open: Help! with Control Freak Co-Parents, From Darkness to Light: Your Inner Journey, and Through a Child’s Voice: Transformational Journaling. 

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