Episode #29 – Post Abortion Grief and Trauma Recovery with Dave Wernli

Trigger warning: In today’s podcast/video we discuss the sensitive topic of post abortive grief and trauma recovery. 

In today’s podcast we discuss the sensitive, important topic of post abortive grief and trauma recovery. 

This is not a political discussion, nor an ethical discussion. 

We are talking about the grief that having an abortion can produce, on both women and men, and how to recover. In some ways, it’s the hidden trauma, because in the church, there can be shame around it so it’s not talked about. And outside of the church, most discussion of grief or a traumatic impact is minimized. 

Dave discusses the fascinating biological changes that happen in the mother’s body during pregnancy and after abortion, and how it also affects the biological father (if he’s present). He shares touching stories of men and woman who have gone through this healing journey and how the love and comfort of God can bring healing. David and his wife Janet work with a post abortion recovery ministry.

They use various techniques and activities to help unlock the stored trauma in the body, calm the nervous system and release the trauma. 

To learn more about David and Janet’s ministry, visit their website here: Identity in Wholeness – 

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