Episode #27 – When ‘forgiveness’ teachings are harmful!

What did Jesus REALLY say about forgiveness? We trust that this teaching will bring you a lot of freedom when it comes to the forgiveness message that many of us have been taught in the church. This is an open, honest conversation about the responsibility of both parties when it comes to forgiveness.

I’m sure we’ve all been taught the famous passage about forgiveness in Matthew 18. We are told to forgive – YES! But sometimes this teaching is taken out of context. Some teachings imply that as Christians we should “shove the offense under the rug” so to speak and just simply forgive, over and over and possibly stay in an abusive situation. When in fact, we need to speak up and confront wrongful actions.

Modern day teachings on forgiveness tend to be very heavy on the victim’s responsibility to forgive, but not enough emphasis on accountability of the one who’s causing the offense. What is their responsibility? There are two sides to this coin.

In this episode, Anna talks about current forgiveness teachings and some of the problems with them, and about thinking about forgiveness when Jesus was on the earth. And, we’re honored to have Diana back as a returning guest on our podcast. She shares some of her story in this episode, as well.

In this podcast we see that the Bible instructs us to confront the abuser or offender and how it’s actually a loving act to do so. It is beneficial for the offender because it offers them an opportunity to realize they are wrong and change their ways.

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