Episode #25 – Receiving inner healing after Spiritual Abuse (with live exercise) with Melinda Wilson

**This is an episode you do not want to miss!! It also includes a real-time exercise that you can do at home as you watch!**

This conversation offers so much FREEDOM from religious messaging and brings the conversation and focus back to Jesus – the one who heals us.

In this episode we talk with Melinda Wilson about spiritual abuse and religious trauma. Have you ever thought about receiving inner healing but feel unsafe to do so? Encountering the person of JESUS is what brings the healing. Melinda teaches Immanuel Approach, a healing modality which helps remove blockages that hinders deeper intimacy with Jesus.

“When we encounter the living presence of Jesus and experience His presence, His “Glad-to-be-with-us-ness”… the definition of joy, then we receive healing. Attachment wounds and traumas of all kinds are healed by encountering the love of Jesus.”

The Immanuel Approach is trauma informed and is based on brain science. You will learn how to change your neural pathways and change the way you handle situations in your life. We also discuss some of the myths of heart healing, what it is and what it isn’t.

Melinda is co-founder of Face to Face Ministries, and has had the privilege of experiencing life as a missionary and student overseas for years. She has always had a heart to share who the real Jesus is with others in one capacity or another. After experiencing her own transformative heart healing over the years, she knew her calling was to see people set free to walk in their God-given design and in their true heart. She is passionate about teaching, training, and equipping men and women with practical skills and tools which bring healing and transformation to their everyday lives.

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