Episode #22 – “Don’t waste a good death” – Let God give your dreams new life!

Shannon and her husband were radically changed when they encountered the love of the Father. Together they started “Project 319” a ministry that shares stories of how the Father’s love has changed people’s hearts and lives, and they do it through documentaries, and teachings. 

They also do mission work all over the world. In this episode Shannon shares the power of the simple gospel and dives deep into the revelation of the Father’s love and what it means to be a true daughter of God. She also talks about how to deal with grief/loss and how the Father loves to come along side and “sit” with us in our pain. 

There is no timeline to grieving, though it’s usually human nature to want to rush through it. God is gentle and knows what areas and things in our lives that need to “die” and when. Let the Father take care of it and “clean your garden” so that the new can grow and spring up. As Denise Jordan of Fatherheart Ministries says, “Never waste a good death”. 

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