Episode #21 – Religious Trauma: Is your body telling you something isn’t right? Here’s how to listen

Have you ever noticed your body shrink back or get tense around certain people? It could be a trauma response. Your body doesn’t lie and is always speaking. It’s smarter and more intuitive than we often give it credit for.

In this podcast episode Tabitha talks about different ways that trauma can be stored in the body and how traumatic events can have long lasting negative effects on your mental and physical health. She also talks about grounding techniques and other ways for us to come back into our bodies when we feel disregulated or triggered. Having had her own experiences with spiritual abuse, Tabitha is able to offer various solutions if you find yourself in this same situation.

Tabitha is a trauma specialist & Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, & Licensed Professional Counselor, a passionate Christian woman who loves God. She teaches ground-breaking therapeutic skills using bible-based truths.

“I know God is the one who brings true, complete healing and life, so I took the time to incorporate scriptures and faith into these incredible skills for myself. God used it to bring about powerful change in my life.” God is in the business of restoration! He is able AND willing to heal us when we come to him and ask Him for help.

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