Episode #19: Is there a connection between PTSD and ADD?? 

Watch (or listen) as Jon Archambault and Anna Harris have a candid discussion about Attention Deficit Disorder and how the diagnosis seems to be increasing in adults, especially females. Anna and Jon discuss the similarities and differences between PTSD and ADD.

Jon Archambault is a retired Corporal from the Canadian Armed Forces and also spent 6 years in Law Enforcement. He was diagnosed with PTSD and Depression after his time in the military and police service, but he says that his diagnoses do not define him. He is now a trained Trauma and Resiliency Life Coach, as well as an entrepreneur.

He has written a book called Operation: Wired Differently, and helps other first responders who also have PTSD. “As I wrote, I also realized that the stigma around mental illness was extremely present within the uniform and in society; I wrote Operation: Wired differently as a way to educate society about the demons that are brought back home after seeing horrible things that most of society could not imagine. Operation: Wired Differently also allows me to shine a light on invisible injuries and the men and women who battle them daily.” Jon Archambault.

Check out his website here: OR click on the image below to get his book.