Episode #16: “When the abuser is both your husband and Pastor”.

Diana Iraheta shares her story about how her husband, a well known Pastor and leader of a local charismatic church, abused her to the point where she no longer could fight for her marriage. The confusion that surrounded her marriage and time in the ministry was complex. She encountered gaslighting, spiritual abuse, control, manipulation, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and financial abuse. She gives many practical examples and explains how abuse can have its different forms, such as: covert abuse, overt abuse (raging, name calling), and passive aggression. 

Right after she got married, something shifted in her husband. He went from being charming and liking her, to detesting her seemingly overnight. All the while he continued leading and preaching in his church, going on missions trips and so on. He would use “prophetic words”, manipulation and control to make her stay. But how could this be? He seemed to be a “man of God” and flowed in the gifts of the Spirit and could prophesy with accuracy. 

If you are, or know someone who’s experienced this type of traumatic, abusive situation, this Podcast will offer you some hope on how to heal and recover from Spiritual and domestic abuse. 

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