Episode #15: “The life I didn’t expect” – Facing Adversity and Winning.

Ray Cerda’s story is one of overcoming tragedy. On this podcast, Ray discusses his life and the accident that changed everything. He explains his difficult journey from boyhood to manhood with the challenges that come from being a quadriplegic.

Ray offers a memoir of hope, determination, and perseverance. This interview will be sure to encourage you if you or someone you know lives with a disability. Sometimes it can feel like your whole life can centre around the limitations of that disability, but with a little determination, guidance, support and prayer, you can truely live a fulfilling and meaningful life that impacts others. 

Ray has retired after a successful thirty-year career working for Irving Parks and Recreation. He now spends his time consulting and speaking to groups on the topics of: 

  • His life experiences as a handicapped person; 
  • How he finds motivation in the toughest situations; 
  • How his spiritual beliefs got him through his challenges; and 
  • This book, “The Life I Didn’t Expect” 


You can find out more about Ray’s book here: