Episode #31 – How to recognize narcissistic tendencies in relationships with Annette Chesney

Join us for this incredibly insightful podcast episode with Annette Chesney!

The topic of “narcissism” is a popular topic in the world today. What is it? What does it look like? The lingering affects of narcissistic abuse can cause you to doubt yourself and keep you “stuck”.

In this episode we talk about how to identify narcissistic traits and behaviours. She also introduces the idea of a “narcissistic spectrum” and the varying degrees of a narcissist (Category 1 – 4) and explains each stage and what’s going on for that individual.

“Just because someone is out of a relationship, doesn’t mean that they’re automatically healed”. Going through a healing process after a narcissistic relationship is so important, as you can have lingering trauma and hinderances. There are 5 stages of grief when it comes to narcissistic abuse and in some ways are more complicated and convoluted than imagined.

Annette Pastored for over 15 years and during that time had a support group ministry that offered pastoral care, counselling and inner healing. She then launched her own business and started coaching business woman, teaching them how to get “unstuck”.

Healing from narcissistic abuse – Just because the narc is out of your life doesn’t mean you’re fine.

Healing from narcissistic abuse focuses on…
o Understanding what happened, connect the dots
o 5 stages of grief unique to those who experienced narc abuse
o Repair your heart
o Rediscover you
o Restore your beautiful story

Annette’s Complimentary Live Masterclass – Protect Yourself From Being Duped By a Masked Narcissist

o A framework to help you make sense of the spectrum of narcissistic behavior and why they do what they do. 
o Signpost to help you recognize when the line has been crossed from nearly dysfunctional behaviour to destructive narcissism. 
o Typical traits of 10 different types of narcissist. 
o A Christian perspective for dealing with a narcissist that protects you rather than trapping you in unbiblical assumptions.


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