Episode #30 – “What is the Orphan heart and how do I know if I have one?” with Andy Glover

What is the orphan heart and how do I know if I have one? Are we all born with it? How do we allow God’s love to pour in and change us?

Andy and Anna talk about some of the characteristics of an orphan heart and how it influences the way we navigate through the world and our life. They also discuss how it effects our view of God and where this idea of an orphan heart comes from. 

God has always been loving us, He IS our Father, He IS loving us constantly, it’s becoming aware of this revelation that changes our hearts. Our sin does not hinder God from loving us and coming to us, but rather He is faithful to reveal himself to us as our loving Father. 

Andy and his wife are apart of Fatherheart Ministries. They have been in full time ministry since 1985. They started out working with “Youth with a Mission” for 13 years then started their own ministry called “Revival to the Nations” (RTTN) where they teach the revelation of the Father’s love. 

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